SFN Expo recap

Last month once again saw me and team Smart-Tec take to the SECC in Glasgow for Scotland’s biggest health and fitness expo, the SFN Expo! I always look forward to this event as myself and the brand are from Glasgow so its always nice to be back on home turf and speak to loads of […]

How to manage your fitness and your life

Can it be done? Yes, you can definitely manage both your fitness life and your personal life. The example I’m going to expand on is competing for the first time (or any other time) as this is a performance and fitness brand. At times, many people try and increase their fitness regime (think about preparing for […]

Comp prep 2016, the journey so far

Well after a much needed off season this year I am planning on stepping back on stage at three WNBF shows; the WNBF International Championships in Coventry in October, WNBF European Championships in Switzerland the week after and then the WNBF Worlds in LA in November! Three amazing shows and I know the standard will […]

Do one thing, not everything.

I hope you don’t think that being healthy is due to just one thing? It’s hundreds of actions and habits you do that puts you in a better position to be healthier. Whether your goal is to be a bodybuilder, a physique athlete or just generally healthier, doing everything at once without a strong foundation […]

Fast growth is overrated

These days everyone is looking for the shortcut to muscle or fat loss. The newest workout that will put on x amount of muscle in x weeks. Well, have you noticed that from year to year, you aren’t changing? If you have, it’s probably because you’re chasing the pump and/or pushing too hard. As everyone […]

Should you compete?

  So some of you may know I help to promote and run a natural bodybuilding show here in Scotland for the United Kingdom Drug Free Bodybuilding Association (UKDFBA). I’ve been doing this for a few years now as well as running posing workshops to help competitors prepare themselves for shows. So it goes without […]

A roadmap to your Goals

Training programs (from your trainer) are like road maps to your goals. Think about it. What if you want to go to a new friend’s house and you have their address, but you don’t have directions/GPS/phone? You know where you want to go, but how the heck are you going to get there? If you […]