New Years success

Are you a one of the New Year New You people? At this time of year we see many people “getting back into it”. This is a great thing as it gives us the opportunity to help motivated people to get in shape. I love seeing the determination. However, history tells me it rarely lasts […]


How to get bigger scientifically.

Do you want to put on muscle, get bigger and don’t know the best way to go about it? There’s so much information out there on the best workout program. To be honest, it doesn’t exist so you wont find it. You might find something that works for you at the time but it wont […]


Competition recap

For those of you who follow me on social media or who have read my previous blogs you’ll know that I’ve had 3 WNBF pro shows planned for this year. The International Championships in Coventry, the European Championships in Switzerland and the World finals in LA. This is really my first proper year of taking […]

Get big AND strong

There a lot of workouts on the internet, hundreds of thousands of them. Depending on your goal should dictate what program you do. If you’re trying to put on size as a bodybuilder, sticking to 5 reps won’t cut it. The same in reverse, if you’re trying to get truly strong doing 12 rep sets […]

Bringing Sexy Back….

  As the winter months approach and the days get shorter, many struggle with motivation to train and eat well…. the gym seems quieter and people often find themselves stuck in a bit of a training rut with no real goals set. I’d say now is a great time to set yourself a new target!! […]

Bodybuilding and family balance

Hi folks, one thing that I speak to many competitors about is the issues they have with their partners when they are prepping for a show. Therefore, I thought in this blog I would share my experiences and thoughts on the matter and hopefully you can take something away from it. To put you in […]

SFN Expo recap

Last month once again saw me and team Smart-Tec take to the SECC in Glasgow for Scotland’s biggest health and fitness expo, the SFN Expo! I always look forward to this event as myself and the brand are from Glasgow so its always nice to be back on home turf and speak to loads of […]