How to make you diet work for you

When I work with clients I don’t give meal plans.  ​​​​​​​They simply aren’t sustainable.  ​​​​​​​Yes I do give guidelines and you should have some rules to live by but being restricted by a meal plan will set you up for failure.  There is research out there that compared to diets with the exact same calories and circumstances […]

What really gets results?

Is it the perfect training plan? Is it the perfect diet? Is it stretching and recovering? Is it the perfect cardio plan? The answer is none of the above as well as all of the above. Let me explain. Too often, individuals look for the one thing that will get them all the results they’ve […]


Carbs, good or bad?

Low carb, no carb, no sugar, no fruit, no pasta. Carbohydrates and their brothers and sisters get demonised by the media. Is this right or wrong? Any time you read an article in the media, usually there is a motive behind it so don’t believe it all. Carbs have seen a lot of negative media […]

New Years success

Are you a one of the New Year New You people? At this time of year we see many people “getting back into it”. This is a great thing as it gives us the opportunity to help motivated people to get in shape. I love seeing the determination. However, history tells me it rarely lasts […]